Molly Donovan

Copywriting, scripting, content creation.  With a background in broadcasting and a passion for writing, I’m combining my skills and interests to craft communications. I’ve worked as a director, editor and shooter in television. I’ve been a radio DJ. I write satire for an online magazine. I penned an ebook for children. Whether I’m working on my own ideas or working with your ideas, my job is to sell the story.

Grant Thornton Branding/Recruitment Series for Key West Video: Concept and Scripting

SEIU Healthcare Branding Spot for Teeva Media: Scripting

SEIU Healthcare - Women’s March from Teeva Media on Vimeo.

History of Bellwoods video produced for EHN Canada: Concept and scripting

Animated video produced by Key West Video for Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario: Scripting

Bell Media Agency: Promotions Producer Demo Reel

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